Our Assets


ABMC continues to deliver long-term stockholder value by focusing resources on the growth of it’s core assets; Mining assets, Expert team, Public company and Extraction technologies.  


Mining Assets – Claims, Water Rights & Properties



Our Western Nevada Basin (WNB) Claim covers just over 30,000 acres. It consists of a total of one thousand three hundred (1,300) placer claims. Each claim covers approximately 20 acres and was laid out by aliquot parts as required by the Bureau of Land Management. Our claims are located on public Federal lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).


The WNB Claim is located in east central Nye County, Nevada (within the central portion of the Railroad Valley) approximately 93 miles northeast of the county seat of Tonopah, NV, the major commercial center for the region; 56 miles southwest of the town of Ely, NV and 120 miles northeast of the village of Silver Peak the only currently operating Lithium producer in the State. The WNB Claim is located within the central portion of the Railroad Valley, approximately 169 miles north-northwest of Las Vegas, NV and 234 miles east-southeast of Reno, NV.

Water Rights & Property (Lynn Ranch)

Water rights are essential when mining in Nevada.  

Per our purchase in January 2019 of the Lynn Ranch property in Duckwater, Nevada we acquired valuable water rights. All water rights associated with this property, under Application #38565/Certificate #10929 (covering 92.23 acres) and Application #27491/Certificate #10760 (covering 27.77 acres), total approximately 120 acres.

Water is allocated at 4 acre-feet per acre for a total of 480 acre-feet of water.

Our Experts

Mining & Exploration

Ross Leisinger

Chief of Mining Operations for ABMC

Mr. Leisinger has more than 30 years of experience in the exploration and mining industry and has participated in numerous projects from initial project conception through production. He is responsible for ABMC’s environmental compliance, mine safety and health considerations, and will assist and oversee the permit acquisition process as ABMC ramps up plans for lithium mining operation in the Western Nevada Basin.


George Scheid

Chief Drilling Engineer for ABMC

Mr. Scheid currently serves as Senior Driller Project Manager at Teton Energy Services and brings more than 30 years of experience managing onsite drilling operations in the exploration and mining industry. For the last 14 years he has worked as drilling project manager, first with Omat Nevada, then with Thermasource, Inc, where he managed onsite drilling and work-over projects. He reviewed and evaluated mud reports, bit records, and drilling operations to prepare daily status reports for distribution and made real-time adjustments to equipment and strategies relevant to drilling conditions.


Welsco Drilling Corp

Drilling Contractor

Welsco Drilling Corporation brings 50 years of experience conducting geothermal, water well, and mineral exploration to our project. Welsco began operation with an old cable tool back in 1973. The Corporation continued to drill water wells and provide pump services until the early 80s where work began with its first geothermal steam project. Since that time Welsco has honed its skills in the Geothermal Steam arena, has completed a multitude of water well projects and has added a 24-hour pump service.


William (Bill) Hunter

Director for ABMC

Mr. Hunter was previous head of mining for Jefferies.
Mr. Hunter received his B.S. from DePaul University in Chicago and an MBA with distinction from the Kellstadt School of Business at DePaul University. Bill led the Americas Banking team at Nomura where he advised Mitsui in their acquisition of a minority interest in the Moatize Coal Mining complex from Vale and Globe Specialty Metals in their $3.1 billion ‘merger of equals’ transaction with FerroAtlantica. Before Nomura he led the team at Jefferies and did numerous transactions for companies like Alpha Natural Resources, Fortescue Metals Group and Murray Energy.


Gregory Kuzma

Chief of Geology for ABMC

Gregory (Greg) Kuzma is well-respected and highly skilled exploration geologist with over 30 years of experience who leads ABMC’s geological operations.  Greg has operated as a consultant with numerous mining groups and spent 12 years as Senior Project Geologist in Nevada for Teck Resources.  Greg has extensive experience in the Southwest U.S., Mexico, El Salvador, and Argentina.  He has evaluated, designed, managed, and implemented over 40 drill programs within Nevada’s Great Basin.  Greg received his Bachelor of Science in Geology from the University of Southern California.


Vince Ramirez


Vince Ramirez serves as an advising geologist to ABMC. He is the CEO of 3PLOperating Co., Inc. a private mining group company, and was the former Chairman of Vostochnaya Transnational, Lead Exploration and Operations Geologist for Shell Oil and Exploration Geologist for Shell Western E&P Inc. He has drilled 61 oil and gas wildcats worldwide, including 44 discoveries. While at Shell Oil, Vincent also was the Operations Manager for the San Joaquin Basin, and he was the appointed Structural Geology instructor at the Shell Research Lab. Vincent discovered and developed several oil fields in central Siberia during 10 years with the Lundin Group. During this time, he transformed an oil company from bankruptcy to $850 Million in value, drilled the highest-producing well in Russia (11,500 BOPD), and drilled the first multi-lateral wells in Russia, while overseeing 350 employees as CEO. He has published extensively on structural geology subjects, including the San Andreas Fault, Ridge Basin, the California Coast Ranges, and Obduction Tectonics. Vincent has a Master of Arts degree in Geology from UC Santa Barbara.



Ryan Melsert

Chief Technical Officer

Ryan is the CTO at ABMC, overseeing all aspects of the company’s battery metal extraction and battery recycling divisions. Ryan is accelerating the development and implementation of ABMC’s proprietary battery metal extraction technologies and battery recycling programs with the planning and construction of a multi-functional facility. Ryan has worked throughout the renewable energy systems development field for almost 20 years and specializes in the development and scale-up of highly innovative first-of-kind systems. This development process consists of fundamental conceptual design, rigorous thermodynamic and process modeling, design and fabrication of bench-scale prototypes, construction and operation of integrated pilot systems, and implementation of commercial-scale systems. Prior to joining ABMC Ryan worked at Tesla as the R&D Manager for their Battery Metals Processing group, at Southern Research as an R&D Manager within their Advanced Energy & Transportation Technologies division, and at Lockheed Martin as a Fluid Dynamics Engineer. His education includes an MS Mechanical Engineering and an MBA from Georgia Tech, and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Penn State University.


Axel Drefahl PhD

Senior Chemist for ABMC

Dr. Axel Drefahl is ABMC’s director of chemistry/extraction. His previous work as a research scientist includes metallurgical assaying of precious metals at Comstock Mining Inc., metal leaching & separation at Cycladex and ionic-liquid-based semiconductor nanostructuring at Owens Technology Inc. At the Freiberg University of Mining and Technology, he implemented Monte Carlo algorithms to study the interactions of amphiphile-grafted nanoparticles. Axel is the founder of the CurlySMILES project advancing open-source exchange of complex-chemical-systems data. He received his Ph.D. in molecular modeling from the Technical University of Munich and continued his work in cheminformatics as a post-doc at Stanford University. His interests include the integration of AI-driven chemical data mining to enhance sustainable chemistry and smart materials recycling.


Comstock Mining

Battery Metals Laboratory

Comstock Mining is assisting ABMC in advancing it’s lithium extraction technology through the use of Comstock Mining’s large chemistry laboratories.


CINC Industries

Extraction Technology

For over 20 years, CINC’s proprietary extraction technology has been a leader in the field of chemical extraction. CINC has serviced a wide range of industries including petroleum, chemical, mining, pharmaceutical and environmental industries. CINC’s technology was employed at the Qinghai Institute of Salt Lakes in China in their proven Lithium extraction from brine processes.



Testing & Analysis Laboratory

ALS is a global leader in providing high quality and innovative laboratory testing, inspection, certification and verification solutions to help clients make informed decisions.

Enthalpy Analytical, LLC

Enthalpy Analytical is a national network of accredited laboratories and a single source for comprehensive environmental laboratory testing services. Its team of scientists, industry specialists, project managers, and analysts have decades of experience in supporting the testing needs of the public sector, private industry, and governmental agencies.



David Carlson Sr and Jr


David Carlson Sr and Jr are well-known hydrologists and advisors to ABMC. They are the owners of AquA Hydrogeologic Consulting which provides hydrogeologic consulting expertise in the field of ground water development.



Zonge International


Zonge International – is a geophysical services and equipment resource for geoscientists and project managers in exploration, research, geotechnical and environmental engineering worldwide.   http://zonge.com/



Pacific Surveys, LLC

Geophysical Well Logging

Pacific Survey meets the client’s expectation for the most comprehensive set of measurements utilizing the latest technically advanced down hole sondes from various manufacturers.

Water Rights

Farr West Engineering

Chris Facque – Water Rights Manager

Chris Facque is the lead Water Right Specialist with Farr West Engineering. Chris manages the water rights for a variety of clients throughout Nevada. He is experienced in all aspects of water rights, including research, permit filings, title assignment, survey monitoring and mapping, forfeiture prevention, proofs, and permit compliance. Chris graduated with a degree in Political Science at the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) in 2005. In 2005 Chris began working for Tri State Surveying, Ltd., increasing the depth of his knowledge while working on several Northern Nevada water rights projects. Chris is proficient in drafting water rights maps, and is a Certified Survey Technician through the National Society of Professional Surveyors. Chris has worked with several Nevada County Recorders and other agencies, including the Truckee Carson Irrigation District, the Southern Nevada Water Authority and California Water Resources Control Board. Over the course of his 10 year involvement with water rights he has acquired extensive experience in managing water rights projects from agricultural to mining to wildlife.




Great Basin Environmental Services

John Young & Matt Dusenberry

John Young has been the Principal Environmental Services Specialist at Great Basin Environmental Services, LLC for over 5 years, providing environmental permitting and consulting services to the exploration and mining industry. Before that, he was vice president of Mining and Minerals at Tetra Tech, a leading provider of consulting and engineering services. He has experience in construction, drilling, remediation, mine closure, reclamation, environmental permitting, environmental compliance, NEPA, and regulatory oversight. He has experience with precious metals, base metals, and industrial mineral and is a National Instrument 43-101 Compliant Qualified Party.

Matt Dusenberry obtained an M.S. in land Rehabilitation from Montana State University and has more than 7 years experience including mine permitting and environmental design, laboratory and field instrumentation, and soil and groundwater data collection, analysis and research.



Our Technology

American Battery Metals Corporation plans to develop and demonstrate an original, supportable and superior Lithium extraction process as a substitute to the conventional evaporation based technology. Researching and evaluating the different extraction approaches are currently taking place in their Comstock Laboratory. The company will work together with global extraction technology companies on process testing, engineering, and process design at the Comstock Laboratory.


Public Company

American Battery Metals Corporation is a public company listed on the QTCQB under the symbol ABML. The OTCQB is the middle-tier of Over The Counter markets and lists early-stage and developing companies in the U.S. and international markets. Companies must meet minimum reporting standards, pass a bid test, and must undergo annual verification. Companies listed here report to a U.S. regulator such as the SEC or FDIC.

The Benefits of being a public company are:

Better Access To Capital.

The primary benefit of being a public company is the ability to raise capital by reaching a large number of investors. We can then use that cash to further the business, be it in the form of research, exploration, or production expansion. Additionally, by issuing shares, newer, lesser-known companies can generate publicity, thus increasing their business opportunities. There’s also the prestige of being listed on a stock exchange.

Liquidity For Stockholders.

Being a public company creates a liquid market for the company’s shares, which provides shareholders with a path to monetization.

Incentivize Employees.

Equity-based compensation can be used to attract, motivate and retain key employees.

Acquisition Currency.

Having a publicly available valuation for a company’s stock makes it easier to execute acquisitions. For an acquisition prospect, receiving stock in a public company is a much clearer proposition than receiving shares from a private company that may never reach liquidity and whose future valuation may be unclear.

Stronger Balance Sheet.

Issuing shares on the public market can provide a significant cash injection to the company. Public market investors are much larger than private market investors, so funds can be raised in much larger amounts than in the private markets as well as it is easier to raise additional capital through follow-on offerings.


Being a public company gives a company a more prestigious profile. The company can leverage this in a number of different ways to help the business.



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Incline Village, NV 89451
Tel: (775) 473-4744



American Battery Metals Corp. (OTC Markets: ABML) is engaged in the exploration, mining, extraction, and recycling of Battery Metals. We are a leading U. S. based battery metals producer known for our low cost, long life lithium production and respected for our commitment to a clean future. ABMC continues to deliver long-term stockholder value by focusing resources on the growth of its core assets; Mining assets, Expert team, Public company and Extraction technologies.

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